Mar 01

Sitting next to jacky and doing coach k’s work:(

Mar 01
Feb 14

celestebriana needs to back off:)

Feb 06

Dear You

i just realized a couple of days ago…..you treat me like crap

Feb 06

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Jan 31

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Jan 29

This Dude

So i just got back from lunch with a bunch of friends and HIM! 

he called me by a different name and then told me that i was ugly?

i canot believe that he would do that!

i felt hurt so me and my best friend walked away and now im being a loser here in the teachers classroom….:(

but anyways on a completely different topic theres this one guy and he is like a ray of sunshine that brightens my day! he will be mine one day and that day will come soon!

Jan 21

Reblog this if you are literally suprised when people find you attractive.


Haven’t believed it since the day I got Tumblr.

Jan 17

This Girl….

There is this girl and i thought she was my friend, but now i dont know. 

she likes the same guy that i like and i didnt think that we were in third grade anymore but honestly she sure is acting like a third grader. this other guy came up to me and told me that she was saying i was talking to my ex….who now has a gf…..and that we have been talking to each other for a couple of months…which isnt true, i would never do anything like that…..idk what to do or who to believe..

can i get some ideas?

Jan 10
Jan 03
me and one of my bffs!!
im on the left, shes holding camera

me and one of my bffs!!

im on the left, shes holding camera

Jan 03

its over now!!!

you want to know what 

i dont care anymore

im tired of fighting

im tired of listening to you telling me to wait for you

honestly what are you going to do?

break up with her

i think we both know that isnt going to happen

im tired of checking my emails everyday 

and seeing the ones from last year

i love you

but i think its better for the both of us if you stop

just stop emailing

stop talking about how you love me

dont tell me that im cute

dont tell me that i look cute today

because you want to know why

i didnt dress up for you

i did it for the new guy in my life

hopefully you dont enter that world EVER AGAIN!!!!!